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Learning to eat well should be a lifelong process; we should apply the old adage, "Eat to live, not live to eat." We need to improve our health by changing poor diet habits to healthy ones. In our American society, this can be difficult, but with much prayer, and the determination to have a healthy and happy family, anything is possible, because "through Christ (in His strength), we can do all things." Phil. 4: 13

The best way to transform a family with kids old enough to complain... is to have kids be a part of the lifestyle change. When my boys and husband and I measured out how much sugar is in one can of Hawaiian Punch (8 teaspoons) we put 8 teaspoons of sugar in a glass of water and had the boys drink it.

Next, when we showed them that Propylene Glycol in  (Low-Tox Antifreeze) is in a lot of foods, in almost all skin care products and in some drinks, they understood why we had to make the decision to transform our old habits to new healthier ones. You are welcome to call me if you need any help, or are in need of unique suggestions to help get your family on the same bandwagon with you.

When you eat grassfeed, chemical free, whole foods you ensure that all of your body's 29 organs, glands and systems get the proper required nutrition for absorption, assimilation and elimination.

When we eat processed, over-cooked, synthetic, chemicalized, fertilized, pesticide-laden, polished foods full of additives, or coloring, they often disrupt our bodies' systems and create conditions of acidosis, candida (yeast) and inflammation. Inflammation causes a variety of diseases in the body, leading to the further weakening of your immune system and metabolism, thereby halting the rejuvenating and rebuilding process of your body, mind and spirit. 

This website gives you the information you need so you can “Make Informed Decisions” for yourself and your family. Of course, you then share with others so that they have the same opportunity.


“Better health starts with removing toxins from your environment and making
responsible lifestyle changes; for what you Eat, Drink, Think & Do!

Working towards an overall healthy body, mind, and soul are all key to a BALANCED LIFE!” Stacey Kimbrell

100% Natural vs All Natural

This is one of my favorite videos showing the true colors of "The False Advertising Industry".  It reveals the shocking truth about what is allowed in "Natural" food.  Only the USDA Organic Seal guarantees your food contains no Genetically Modified Organisms, no toxic pesticides, and no growth hormones or antibiotics.

Share this truth with your friends.

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